What’s left of one Hong Kong university after hundreds of protesters fled

Posted by tabitha

Hong Kong (CNN) Last week, thousands of student protesters streamed into Hong Kong Polytechnic University and occupied the campus as the city’s violent political unrest reached fever pitch.

Police accused protesters of turning PolyU and other universities into “weapons factories” that “look like military training grounds” and surrounded the campus.
Police have been on the edge of the campus for more than three days, firing round after round of tear gas at protesters who responded with makeshift petrol bombs, catapults and bows and arrows.

Authorities said they had processed 1,100 people — 600 of whom left willingly.

As of Wednesday afternoon, a small number still remained, as parents, school staff and local politicians attempted to negotiate their surrender.
A slow surrender has been ongoing since Tuesday, when the violence subsided, with the campus was in ruins.

Source : edition.cnn.com

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