Brown bear attacks: Deaths spark fear in Romania

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A spate of deadly bear attacks in Romania has raised fears that the population of Europe’s largest protected carnivore is increasing beyond control.

Three men have been killed in little over a month in this East European country that hosts the Continent’s biggest number of brown bears.

“The bear population has increased and it needs to be reduced,” warns gamekeeper Karoly Pal. The mood is such that some politicians have waged something akin to a war on bears.

Some 6,000 bears live in Romania and incidents involving the animals are becoming increasingly common

The three deaths in the past few weeks bring to at least six the number of fatalities this year, with scores of non-fatal attacks also reported.

People are forced to abandon agriculture and their land – and they are afraid to go outside the villages.”

Everybody in this area is coming to me to claim damages,” adds the gamekeeper.

Accidents on the increase

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