Behind the scenes at the world’s most punctual mega airport

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(CNN) — It’s every traveler’s worst nightmare.

You arrive at the airport for your early-morning, multicity flight, knowing you have a very tight connection to make along the way.
You look at the departure board and see a blinking red light next your flight number. Delayed. You won’t make that connection and will now need to worry about changing your whole travel itinerary.

For travelers passing through Tokyo’s Haneda airport, however, this scenario happens far less than in most global destinations. That’s because it’s one of the most punctual airports on the planet.

Haneda, officially called Tokyo International Airport, is the fifth busiest airport in the world, with almost 87 million passengers passing through in 2018. It surpasses major international hubs Chicago O’Hare, (83 million) Heathrow (80 million) and Hong Kong (74.5 million) in terms of passenger demand.

Despite such heavy traffic, Haneda delivered 85.6% of its flights on time in 2018, making it the most punctual mega airport in the world — an outstanding feat considering that the average for an airport of its size — with over 30 million departing seats per year — was only 77.1%.
That’s according to data from aviation analyst group OAG. The company looked at 58 million flight records from 2018 in order to make its assessments.

Even more impressive is that Haneda has been consistently punctual, having been awarded the title for four consecutive years.
So how does this Tokyo gateway accommodate such a huge volume of travelers, while also being efficient, clean and welcoming?
Its punctuality is in part thanks to the sheer determination of its employees, who are given a helping hand with a series of innovative technologies, which are used throughout the airport.

Source : cnn

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